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  • 1. Improve Sex and Unsatisfactory Orgasm
  • 2. Improve Lack of Vaginal Tightness
  • 3. Improve Incontinence
  • 4. Improve Prolapse
  • 5. Improve Severe Menstrual Cramps
  • 6. Improve Overactive Bladder
  • 7. Improve Menopausal Symptoms
  • 8. Improve Vaginal Dryness, Atrophy, Painful Intercourse
  • Post Childbirth Tightening
  • Improve Your Feminine Confidence

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DVD, Satin Pouch, Kegelmaster, Advanced Springs, Silicone Kegel Balls and a FREE 2 oz Lubricant.

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What Makes Kegelmaster the Best Kegel Exerciser for Women?

I hesitated in the beginning, but now I see why everyone is so excited about the Kegelmaster.
It gave me the results.


Resistance Design

When your arm muscles are weak, you never start by lifting the heaviest weights. This is why Kegelmaster’s Progressive Resistance design is the optimal method to strengthen your vaginal muscles, gradually, avoiding muscle strain.


Pelvic Muscle Toner

Imagine how happy you will feel when you realize that your muscles are getting stronger, you are conquering your issues, and DRAMATICALLY improving your SEX life? Kegelmaster is used for toning vaginal muscles.

#1 Kegel Exerciser

Kegelmaster Beats the Competition and is rated as the #1 Kegel Exerciser Available Today!


Doctor's Approved

The Kegelmaster is a doctor's recommended, FDA cleared medical device and it's been used by many women around the world.

I have been using the Kegel master for about two months now, and I love it. It totally works!!! I have been able to hold my urine in longer and when I pee the stream is a lot stronger. I feel like I have more control. I would highly recommend...

I purchased the kegelmaster about a year ago for some occasional incontinence. I was not expecting miracles and was maybe even a little skeptical. Within 3-4 weeks I had a noticeable difference in the incontinence and had a vaginal orgasm for the first time in my life! Even with a busy life, it only takes a few minutes a day. I used it twice a day for the first few months and sometimes the silicone balls during the day for an added boost. Thank you Teri Hatcher for openly discussing this issue that has helped a lot of women, including me have a better quality of life!

Kegelmaster Questions and Answers

Is the Kegelmaster Right For Me?

1. Do not use the KegelMaster if you have any vaginal infections.
2. Do not use the KegelMaster during the six weeks following childbirth.
3. Do not use this vaginal exerciser for at least six weeks after any genitourinary or pelvic surgical procedure.
4. Pregnant women should consult their doctor prior to use.
5. Women with a history of urinary tract infections should check with their doctor prior to use.
6. For health and sanitary reasons, do not allow anyone else to use your KegelMaster vaginal exerciser.

Pregnant women should consult their physician prior to use. During the six week postpartum period after the birth of a baby or for a minimum of six weeks after genitourinary or pelvic surgical procedures, unless specifically recommended by your physician, The Kegelmaster should not be used. Also, when using other intravaginal devices such as tampons, diaphragms, pessaries, and women with a history of urinary tract infections.

How Will I Know If The KegelMaster is working?

After the first use of 15 minutes prior to sexual intercourse women will notice that their partners penis feels much larger, while the men will feel a tighter embrace.There will also be an increase in sensitivity and a more intense orgasm after the very first use of the The KegelMaster for you and your partner. After a few short uses of the The KegelMaster exercise program, women with incontinence will no longer suffer from embarrassing leaks, and vaginal strength and sexual power will be theirs!

How long do I have to use The KegelMaster?

All muscles in the body will atrophy (get weak, soft, and loose tone) without exercise. Make a commitment to use The KegelMaster for the rest of your life. Someday you will look back and realize you've made the best decision of your life.

Can I do the Kegel Exercises without the Kegel Exerciser?

You can't perform a kegel exercise without resistance, in fact Dr. Arnold Kegel's breakthrough idea was the incorporation of resistance. Without resistance you are just squeezing and accomplishing very little. Imagine a body builder that is trying to build very strong biceps by just squeezing arms without ever lifting a weight. It would be impossible! A true Kegel exercise requires resistance.

Can a Kegel Exerciser improve my sex life?

Yes! The Kegel muscles are those muscles that produce the intense sexual pleasure during the female vaginal orgasm. Stronger, healthier kegel muscles provide for stronger, longer lasting, more intense and more satisfying female orgasm. Improved vaginal health will increase the frequency and ease of achieving orgasm and increase overall sexual satisfaction for both the woman and her male partner. The Kegelmaster would be the one of the most effective, doctor recommended and proven devices to help you accomplish these goals. You can find Kegelmaster and other kegel exercises in our Kegel Exerciser Store.

Can I return defective merchandise?

Yes. If your product arrives and you suspect it is defective, or breaks during normal use,  you may return it for a replacement, subject to manufacturers approval. Item must be returned to the manufacturer. A small shipping fee may apply. Kegelexerciser101 does not accept returns of any personal products in order to comply with FDA regulations which prohibit restocking or resale of items like Kegelmaster.


Kegelmaster Package regular $123.95, now $98.95 

Package includes:
DVD, Satin Pouch and a FREE 2 oz lubricant.

Enter code SHFRE for an additional FREE gift and shipping.

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